E-Tech Express is one of Cincinnati’s most experienced computer repair and maintenance stores. If your computer isn’t working, bring it in for an evaluation. Often we can fix computers without requiring a new computer purchase. We can replace old hard drives with new ones – bringing new life to your computer. Or, if your wireless networking card fails, we can repair that as well and get you re-connected to the internet.

Computer memory can cause data corruption or result in computer crashes. Before we repair anything, we run diagnostics on your computer to properly troubleshoot the issue. If your computer memory is beginning to fail, we can repair it with a new set of computer memory chips.  With so many different computer components, it’s not surprising that personal computers need tune-ups occasionally.

Symptoms that your computer needs a tune-up would include:

  • slow to start up
  • slow to shut down
  • constant hard-drive activity
  • sluggish mouse or ‘jumpy’ mouse movements
  • programs take a long time to launch
  • constant computer errors
  • blue screens, crashes

If your computer is experiencing these or some other bothersome behavior, call us or stop by to discuss your computer problems. Our personal computer specialists have years of experience diagnosing and servicing personal computers.