E-tech Express is a full service IT consulting company. Most of our clients are small to mid-sized businesses who depend on their computers to run their practices and make money. These businesses cannot afford to have their computers malfunction. And when the computers do require attention, these users cannot accept having their computers sit on a workbench somewhere waiting for service.

Our Focus in on You

E-tech’s primary focus is to work with clients to develop and implement the firm’s technology plan. Technology plans outline the role technology and especially computers play for the business. Included in the plan are such items as the extent to which special equipment is needed, how equipment might be networked, security concerns including viruses, spam, adware and firewalls, back-up systems, website hosting, email systems, the use of surge protection and/or uninterrupted power supplies, and how all of these relate to the business’ software and overall method of operations.

There is no cookie-cutter solutions to technology implementation strategies as many other computer shops seem to think. One client may require a virtual private network to operate from multiple locations using one software package. Another client may need to make their accounting software available to their accountant who needs to process or append payroll information without locking themselves out of the software in the process. Another client might need an extensive inventory control system directly connected to their point-of-sale to track the goods being sold in real time. Each component of the plan has the potential of dictating certain approaches being taken.

For example, if it is decided that the client will be using Quickbooks as their accounting software, this would rule out using wireless networks because the two are incompatible with each other. This example illustrates the need for a business to find and retain a technology solutions provider who understands the issues and their interrelationships one to another.

E-tech’s clients generally retain us to manage, or at least advise, them on how best to accomplish their tasks within the business. Any new development, such as a software update, may bring the potential for disaster. The best fit occurs when our clients use us as-if we were their own IT department, keeping us involved in every seemingly little event and allowing us to recommend and implement policies and procedures that will minimize problems and the expense they cause.

Let our team of professionals help you today.

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