E-Tech Express has extensive experience in network design, implementation, and management, combined with broad programming and development experience. Our goal is to understand your company, its business, corporate environment, vision, and how those elements relate to specific technology demands.

How we approach network design and builds

  • Identify your needs
  • Analyze your current infrastructure
  • Create our diagrams
  • Choose specific hardware and software
  • Design the IP address allocations
  • Create a network security plan
  • Create a network contingency plan and support options
  • Document everything
  • Implement, monitor and improve

We understand that you implement technology to achieve greater business success.  We are committed to helping you attain that success and protect your investment. Our business relationship doesn’t end when your computer network installation is complete. Our IT consultants are available as IT managers to augment or provide system administration. We are present for the critical stage of your technology investment—the point where it is actually used.